try our typefaces with (Text Editor)

try our typefaces with (Text Editor)

8th March 2024

Since 1st March, we have decided to not offering trial fonts on our website anymore. However, you can still try our typefaces with the “Text Editor” to type and experiment there. “Text Editor” is placed in every typeface page.

In case you are wondering...Here is why we made this decision:

After more than two years of offering trial fonts, we have realized that this initiative does not provide any tangible benefits. Our experience has shown a problematic lack of transparency in how people treat the trial fonts. As a small type foundry, we have very limited control over this situation. Individuals who download our trial fonts seldom engage with our follow-up communications, we have no idea where the trial fonts end up. Besides, what we earned from experimental type design practice is just minimal...

List of used tools/ softwares

Text Editor